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We have a Specialised Technical Support Service

to guarantee that your laundry facility works reliably and efficiently.


A highly-skilled service offering our clients an all-round service. We give advice, and, in particular, we offer exclusive and specific solutions to meet their needs. Each instance is studied and treated as a unique case.

Our Technical Support network covers the entire Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands, to provide a top quality service as quickly as possible. The importance of reliable and optimum operation in laundry facilities is essential, for the client’s business to be fully operational. Our Specialised Technical Service offers an on-site repair and maintenance service.

To ensure a top quality service and immediate response, we have a spare part management service. In our facilities we have a large spare part warehouse supplied with all types of industrial laundry equipment, which can be purchased through our website.

On our website you can create your own username, which you can use to access your orders and documentation. Plus, you can also download it.


  We’re the official distributors on the Iberian Peninsula for the leading brands of industrial laundry machinery.

Our technical team advises on sales and always seeks to guarantee that facilities operate and perform at an optimal level.



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