Equipment designed for sanitizing and disinfecting washing trolley

It is controlled by means of a touch terminal with PLC, it is possible to configure the different disinfected and dried systems depending on the needs of each laundry. It is highly efficient, depending on the needs, different types of chemicals necessary for each washing requirement can be administered.

It is manufactured with AISI 304 stainless steel and double chamber for better insulation.

It has perforated stainless steel lower guides for better water evacuation.


New Pizzardi software for equipment management

Pizzardi is releasing a new open source software for laundry equipment management, which is compatible with all kinds of management programmes.

LAVATEC washing tunnel commissioning

Lavatec represents a new perspective on economy, efficiency and cleaning. The Lavatec washing tunnel provides an automated solution for laundries. At ACJ, we’ve been carrying out comprehensive repair and implementation operations on each of its components, at various stages - loading, washing and pressing - so that the equipment meets the clients’ needs and they reach maximum performance and operation levels without any glitches for years to come.