Equipment designed for sanitizing and disinfecting washing trolley

It is controlled by means of a touch terminal with PLC, it is possible to configure the different disinfected and dried systems depending on the needs of each laundry. It is highly efficient, depending on the needs, different types of chemicals necessary for each washing requirement can be administered.

It is manufactured with AISI 304 stainless steel and double chamber for better insulation.

It has perforated stainless steel lower guides for better water evacuation.

Highly efficient disinfection, with steam injection.

The disinfection is by a product with generation of biocidal mist.

It has a system to extract mists and chemical residues before opening the doors.

It has an internal security, to stop the machine cycle at any time.

It has the possibility of continuous circuit with trolley drag chain, with an option of automatic trolley drying.

The lower guides are adaptable to various sizes of carriages.

It has a bar code or a QR reader for car verification, with the possibility of a daily unit control report (optional).

It has a touch terminal in the clean area (optional).

The entrance-exit ramps are made with aluminum.

There are models available for 1, 3 or 5 cars.

It has two automatic doors (optional), one for the clean part and the other one for the dirty area, so, there are never both doors opened at the same time, avoiding contamination between rooms.

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