We present to you our NEW ‘HYBRID’ LACO ironer.
In the morning or during the day, the ironer is heating up with “Green” electricity.

When there is not enough “Green” electricity, a small gas boiler will help heating up the ironer.
This way carbon emissions are reduced which helps building a greener world.
Flexible heating system with free of choice electric or gas heating.
Possibility to mix both heating systems, for each program.
Automatic software adjustment for both heating systems.
Very low electrical and gas consumption : only 0.36 Kw/Kg linen for electrical or 0.048 m³G/Kg linen for Gas.
Very high efficiency, limited energy losses.
No external heat sources required.
Automatic speed adjustment according to temperature fluctuation.
Available on D500/D600/D800 and D1200 models,from 65 Kg to 460 Kg/hour.

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