Trolley disinfection tunnel



Equipment designed for the sanitization and the disinfection of trolleys

The ACJ disinfection cabin for trolleys is a sanitization and disinfection cabin formore than 30 trolleys per hour and meets the strictest hygiene standards in the market.

The disinfection cabin for trolleys is available for 1, 3 or 5 trolleys.

More than laundry trolleys

Thanks to the PLC control system (up to 50 programs), the specific arrangement of the sprinklers and a full range of options, such as the steam coil, the cabin can be used to sanitize and disinfect a multitude of containers, vessels and items.

The cabin is fully built in AISI304 stainless steel and double chamber for better insulation.

It is designed as a sanitary barrier: it is prepared to be mounted on a sanitary wall and with two sides, one for loading and the other one for unloading. The machine has an interconnection device that prevents both doors from opening at the same time; this ensures and keeps its hygienic integrity.

For a better water evacuation, it has perforated stainless steel bottom guides. These guides are adaptable to various sizes of trolleys.

It has an internal security in order to stop the cycle of the machine at any time.

It has a system for extraction of mist and chemical residues before opening the doors.

It has the entry and the exit ramps built in aluminium.
(It is no necessary civil works)


There is the possibility to install a continuous circuit with a trolley drags chain with an optional automatic trolley drying.

It is possible to install a touch terminal in the clean area.

It is possible to install an automatic trolley unloading with internal ramp elevation.

There is the possibility to install two pneumatic automatic doors, one for the clean zone and the other one for the dirty area, so, two doors are never opened at the same time, thus avoiding contamination between rooms.

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